Reiki Timelines

About Reiki Timelines

Timelines allow you to revisit the past where you can observe, let go of and heal events and situations and then put them in a place where it is safe for you to keep for as long as you wish, integrating it with your life or letting it go completely.

These are used in Psychotherapy, NLP and hypnotherapy to enable the client to let go of past wounds and to create some positive outcomes.

Using timelines with Reiki allows you to go back to the past, physically whilst being supported by a reiki healer and being given reiki healing to guide and support you. It is a powerful way for you and your clients to resolve past issues.

Timelines can go forward to the future as you can manifest a positive, healthy and happy future using this technique.

There are many ways of using timelines. All can be made more powerful and meaningful using Reiki life force energy to guide, heal and protect you whist on your journey.

This day course has been successfully running for approximately six years and you will learn these techniques which will both enhance your practice and help you on your journey.

You will be able to use this technique and have the opportunity to practice in pairs with support and guidance. You will also be able to map your own timeline and look at a world view in this way.

You will also learn about language, given scripts and do all this with the magnificent flow of Reiki healing.

This is a certificated course.

Cost: £98

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