Professional Practice for Reiki

About Professional Practice for Reiki

This is a unique opportunity for all Reiki practitioners who are from a range of levels and training backgrounds as it is focused on professional standards specific to Reiki healing and practice. It is an ideal course or those who have just completed their Reiki 2 practitioner level as it will give an in depth knowledge of roles and responsibilities as a practitioner, marketing ideas and working with the public.

It will be a great benefit, updating and a refresher to those experienced Reiki practitioners, including teachers, who have been in practice for some time as it gives detailed and up to date information on current standards, methods of managing difficult situations and legislation that affects us all.

The Course

Working with Clients

  • Professional boundaries and client relationships
  • Body language, energy, awareness
  • Communication with client – expectations, language
  • Self protection, safety
  • Confidentiality, legal position
  • Dangerous situations

Code of Practice

  • Record keeping
  • Data protection
  • Consent and contracts

Code of Ethics

  • Confidentiality
  • Reiki legislation in UK


  • Public liability
  • Premises and workplace
  • Health and safely legislation
  • Clinic and room environment

Business Planning

  • Marketing ideas
  • Advertising Standards Authority regulations
  • Advertising
  • Plagiarism
  • Copyrights and references

Responsibility to self

  • Self grounding, protection
  • Our own competencies and abilities
  • Taking on others negative energies
  • Responsibilities to patient after treatment
  • Knowledge of the Mental Health Act and related issues

Cost: £98

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