Reiki Courses

Reiki means universal Life force energy. It is the matrix of light and vibration that surrounds us, fills us and connects us. It is light, love, wisdom & creativity.

We can shape it with our thoughts and dreams, and use it to heal ourselves, help others to heal & plants, animals, help those in transition and manifest our life desires.

It can bring us meaning, purpose & joy and is mindfulness personified.

Receiving Reiki can transform, support and calm. It is used as a relaxing therapy for all situations allowing a person to let go of old patterns and beliefs and create a better version of themselves.

Quantum physics & epigenetics are the science backing up this ancient system.

Anyone can learn Reiki. Yes anyone! I want to share this valuable treasure with as many of you as possible and thereby create more peace & harmony. My job as a Reiki Teacher is to make you fabulous!

I have been teaching Reiki for 22 years and it really does make a difference.

The Marlborough School of Reiki was created to give excellence, truth and teach in a loving & supportive environment. With care kindness and lots of laughter.

This Japanese system was brought to us in this form by Dr Mikao Usui.

The Marlborough School of Reiki teaches Original Usui Reiki. It is combined with western & original Reiki together and is perfect for our western spirits. I have learnt original techniques from Taggart King & Jikkiden Reiki with Frank Arjava Petter to offer you a comprehensive Reiki journey.

I teach all levels of Reiki plus Trans Reiki & Reiki Timelines. We also run a professional practice course for those wishing to offer Reiki to clients.

I run an annual Healing day and an annual day at the Chalice Well Glastonbury.

All students have support & can attend our regular Reiki shares and drop in healing sessions.

Looking forward to sharing a part of your journey with you!

Reiki could be described as Mindfulness with bells on! After all, Dr Usui wrote about mindfulness in the 1920s.