November 2019 Reiki Healing News

November 2019 Reiki Healing News

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November  2019
Reiki Healing News

'Infinite riches are all around you if you will open your mental eyes and behold the treasure hose of infinity within you.  There is a gold mine within you from which you can extract everything you need to live life  gloriously, joyously, and abundantly.' Joseph Murphy

Dear Reiki friends,

I have pleasure in inviting you to our Reiki share on Thursday 7th November  7 for 7.30pm at the Clinic.
I am very much looking forward to a wonderfully enriching & nourishing evening with our tribe.  
We ve had an October of Reiki loveliness & welcome to our Reiki tribe, Carla & Beverley who learnt Reiki 1 at Goddess HQ. You are both amazing so let that light shine.
We also welcomed our Reiki 2 practicioners  Maggie,Zoe,Alice,Aimee,and Luanne Our whats app group is called 'don't look at my chihuahua! don't ask but sufice to say The Chihuahua Totem is a reminder to always follow your heart.  Staying true to ones deep inner knowing is staying true to ones path  The chihuahua is also reminding us to go for it, take that leap.  How cool is that? a random name and so right!

We also had an informative and enjoyable Professional Practice course which was successful! and held at Goddess HQ! Thank you all !! I will put another one on next year as I feel that it will serve you well, especially those wanting to practice more Reiki

Please note that I am holding a TRANS REIKI course on Saturday 16th November. This is where we combine hypnotic technique with NLP, language and visualisation for you to use on yourself & others to create healing and change. I give you scrips and it is an uplifting day. Do join me!

I have enclosed this info below to let you know that I have almost completed my creation of Fyfield Therapy Rooms at Goddess HQ It has been a process of love & guidance from the universe! I am at the Wellbeing Clinic less these days & letting go of my passion has been a challenge as I had created clinic space for over 20 years.  So a new place to transform & bring light & love is here along with a new website alongside our MSR one Phew! so some courses will be at the clinic and others at Fyfield. To keep you on your toes!
Meditations are still at the clinic as are Reiki Shares.


I have popped this advert into our newsletter as some people think that I have retired!!!
I most certainly have not! I still see people at the clinic, but of course I am not there as much. My Goddess HQ is needing to be shared!!! I would appreciate this thankyou!
Lynne and I are taking meditation at the Clinic on Wednesday ( this evening) and we are bringing in the violet flame with a temporary attunement. Transformation & protection!You are most  welcome. The violet flame of St. Germaine is one of transformation & much needed on our planet right now.

Please have a look and let me know what you think? My techie side has been unleashed. With help from my daughter Chyna....Won' t last long ..........



TRANS REIKI    Saturday 16th November  ! day at the clinic  £98

REIKI 3a Master January 11th, 12th plus followup  £250 

REIKI 1   25th & 26th January 

REIKI  2    29th February & 1st March

More course TBA and will keep you posted.

Celebration of summer solstice at Goddess HQ ( in the Avebury area but parking)
Bring food to share and we will light fires, meditate & share Reiki & wishes. We are giving Chalice Well a rest this year

REIKI RETREAT AT THE PRIORY, AYELSFORD, KENT.  Residential. 3rd to 5th July, guest speakers, friendship & fun! Run by Laura Joy Mason & encouraged by Jill
we are in the process of organising this so let me know if you are interested!
Its a beautiful carmelite monastary & will be a wonderfully enriching weekend.
  Food & accommodation included

Drop in healing can be re instated so if anyone feels drawn to make it happen, please let me know.

To book on all courses, please call the clinic, or if you have any queries do not hesitate to call me.

Sending you love & Reiki Light Always
Jill xxxx


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