August 2019 Reiki Healing News

August 2019 Reiki Healing News

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August  2019
Reiki Healing News

an angel for you!

"Treat everyone you meet like God in Drag"  Ram Dass

Dear Reiki Friends

I hope that you are well and enjoying your summer! Whatever is happening in the world, remember that you are a being of brilliant light and will vibrate perfectly for yourself and those around you.
I am sending this to remind you that there is NO Reiki share in August.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you....yes all! on September 5th at The Wellbeing clinic.
We can bring in the new term with an explosion of sparkly light!

My home therapy space is comming along nicely. all good.

Please note that I have put on another Reiki 2 course in October as the September course is filling up. A year of manifesting!
Also, do consider the professional practice course is well worth taking, especially if you want to practice in hospitals, volunteer or take your practice further. It can be really useful Let me know if you want any more information please.

I am now seeing clients at the clinic on Tuesdays and running my Reiki courses and Shares from there. The drop in Reiki healing is very important and I think that we should keep it in Marlborough for now. i met with Jeff who has kindly taken on the task of running the drop in. also Joolsxx Please support us & come along & send people along. Share the love! I will be taking drop in on Monday as Jeff is away.
Everything else in at Goddess HQ.
Also, a date for your diaries, 21st June 2020  Solstice at Goddess HQ!  It will be wonderful!
Also, 4th & 5th July next year, I will be going to Alyesford in Kent to the Carmelite Monastary for a weekend of Energy . Please join me.


REIKI 1 10th & 11th August  I have rearranged the July dates, so please let people know about this course.

REIKI 2  14th & 15th September

REIKI 2 19th & 20th October

Reiki 1  5th & 6th October

Professional Practice Day for Reiki Healers  26th October

TRANS REIKI   Saturday 16th November

REIKI MASTER 3A   11th & 12th January 2020

I will be running a Reiki Master teacher when the time is right. My July one was cancelled due to Catherine giving birth on that very day to a fabulous Reiki Princess Welcome to the world little one and.....great timing ....

Drop in for Reiki Healing Mondays  6pm onwards at The Wellbeing Clinic.

Please keep an eye on our MSR facebook page for news.

Sending you an abundance of Love, Light & Reiki Blessings

Jill xxxxxxxx
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