April 2020 Reiki Healing News

April 2020 Reiki Healing News

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April 2020
Reiki Healing News


The Great Awakening of Humanity has begun. Hold the light, do not be afraid, this is going to be more wonderful than you can imagine. You are connected to the source of all things & nothing can stop that. 

Dear Reiki Friends

Never before has the phrase ' back off I'm a Reiki Healer 'been more relevant. These are unpresedented times & we have all signed up for this. The beginning of a new reality, created by us & our starseed family on our Earth. Please do not be afraid & give in to the fear. Hold your energy, go within. Reveal your true self & remember who you are. Beings of Light & Love. You are not alone We are all one with Love & can raise our vibrations.
I have been regaining my balance & strength as I also struggled for a while.  I did lots of research to find out what is really going on. 

My awareness has been blown away. Things are not what they seem. Corona, 5G, vaccinations, the system, Global economy, the world order, etc.  We are being isolated as there is a bigger agenda. Negative stuff is being cleared & some of those you thought were idiot world leaders are real heroes. Watch this space.
So yes I am transmuting this. 40 plus years ago, my spiritual teaching spoke of this & I didn't think I would be here to be of service.

So all will be well. I ask you to join me for a global meditation to create this new dimension the post is on our MSR facebook page with a pic of a world. So On 5th April. Sunday morning at 3.45am please join me for 20 minutes for this magnificent awakening! Singing bowls, meditation, silent etc.  I wanted us to go to Avebury but we would be arrested!  I am very tempted!
There is a post on my MSR facebook page with a pic of the earth. more info on thatxx

So use this time to relax, renew & prepare for a new energy

Congratulations to Charlotte, David & Barbara, our Corona Reiki Angels who are awesome and made it just before the lockdown. Welcome to our family.

Now I am available on face time or zoom or skype if anyone wants a session, or contact me if you want a chat. As touch    is my job, I am not allowed to work, so you can bail me out of the homeless shelter when this is over!!

Please send healing to Jo Prince, our beautiful Reiki Teacher, & her lovely young family.
She has been dealing with terminal cancer for 2 years with no medical intervention ( it was deemed too late) she is doing really well but we need to ramp it up. She has metastases in her spine which has created a crumbling in her right ribs. she has every intention of healing. Please help. Very much appreciated. Love and Light xx

So listen now.
Reju is used in Original Usui Reiki to 'give spirituality' & connect to the Reiki' This reinforces the connection to source, which will protect, nurture & strengthen you. So sit or kneel in a quiet place and put your hands in the gassho . Prayer position thumbs by your heart. !be open to receive for 10 minutes or more.  You may say the principals of Reiki after connecting to the source.  Whatever works for you. if you know the hatsrei Ho, do that first. 
I wil attempt to record it! After the Reju, 

I also urge you to enter our fabulous pink crystal castle! See you there after the reju. I can t wait to party.

Create the world & life you love & focus on that now! We will create our own Shambala xxx

I am healed
I am healthy
I am well

I have been doing yoga flow with Hely ( our Reiki Goddess) via zoom & it has been brilliant. It combines yoga, ki gong & wonderful flowy energy with yoga
Please contact her if you want to joi. By donation


THE SCIENCE BEHIND REIKI ENERGY.  How it works with our Reiki Master Scientist  Dr. Jonathan Tuck  tba  something to look forward to.

REIKI 1   23rd & 24th MAY


REIKI RETREAT AT THE PRIORY, AYELSFORD, KENT.  Residential. 3rd July, Friday from 4pm, 4th & 5th July. guest speakers, friendship & fun! Run by Laura Joy Mason & Jill
we are in the process of organising this so let me know if you are interested!
Its a beautiful Carmelite monastary & will be a wonderfully enriching weekend.
  Food & accommodation included  I am giving two workshops & the REiki Federation will also be there. Do join me. Either drive
 or I can do with some company

REIKI 2   25th & 26th JULY

SATURDAY 15th AUGUST  REIKI HEALING DAY   All welcome to share Reiki and learn new techniques

REIKI 1  5th & 6th SEPTEMBER

REIKI 2  10th & 11th October  for Lynn & Emily as they cant make the others!

REIKI MASTER 3a  19th & 20th SEPTEMBER  plus followup

We are a wonderful community of Reiki healers
Please look at our Marlborough School of Reiki Facebook Page & The Wellbeing Clinic Therapists page for inspiration & events.

To book on all courses, please call me as the clinic is no longer running.

Sending you love & Reiki Light Always
Jill xxxx




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