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The Wellbeing Clinic
Marlborough Wellbeing Clinic LTD, 4 London Road, Marlborough, UK


22 Feb 2020


10:00 am - 4:00 pm



Trans Reiki

A new and inspiring one day course for Reiki practitioners (level 2 and above).

You will learn how to:

  • Use hypnotic language by tone, leading and pacing.
  • Find out which senses and modalities you use.
  • Eye movements and NLP.
  • Look at the ways we sabotage ourselves.
  • Look at prescriptions of old patterns and behaviours and recognise our own.
  • The use of affirmations and positive connotation.
  • Demonstrate a visualisation.
  • Be given Trans Reiki scripts to take home and use.
  • You will be able to practice in pairs the visualisation scripts and work on each other with supervision and guidance.
  • Be confident in delivering your own guided visualisation.

Trans Reiki combines Reiki healing with advanced visualisation techniques.  The relaxing effect of Reiki allows you to access those parts of you that are open to change, resolution and growth by tuning in to the universal life force vibration using hypnotic tones & language.

Pure Reiki will allow you to rebalance and shift in a gentle way which lifts and allows you to let go of that which is stopping you from returning to a balanced place on all levels.

Trans Reiki can be used when you have more specific issues to be looked at and resolved.  The Reiki Healer will elicit these issues and using healing and trance will guide you on a journey to discover within, ways to enhance the healing process.

The client may be asked to respond during a session or the Reiki Healer will guide him/her on a specific journey which has been agreed beforehand or is purely intuitive.

Letting go of old stuck patterns, improving self-esteem, infertility, dealing with cancer & illness, creating positivity & relaxation are some of the many visualisations we have created.  There are no limits to the journey that we, as individuals can take.

The process is usually deeply rewarding and relaxing and has been known to greatly enhance a client’s recovery & integration.

Trans Reiki can be performed in a chair or on a couch in a supportive environment.

Regular Trans Reiki courses are held at the Marlborough School of Reiki or you can book a session at the Wellbeing Clinic.

Please note all finish times are a guide only – courses may finish a little earlier or later depending on various factors including student participation, discussion and group size.