About Jill Sudbury

I am passionate about Reiki and how we can integrate it into our daily lives as I know that we all vibrate at different frequencies, and as we become more attuned to the energy around us, we are raising it! This in turn uplifts all of those around us! So we literally shine with Reiki! How good is that?!!!

I was a fey child who was interested in nature and the enchantment of woods and rivers and the countryside. I wanted to save the world and become a missionary at one point! In my early teens I decided to forego confirmation and discovered discos and nightclubs! So there began another journey of life!

I began my nurse training at the Bristol Eye hospital at 17 and learnt about people and tuning in by the blind who taught me well. I trained in General Nursing at The Royal Free in London and eventually worked on the Neurosurgical unit which was fascinating! My journey led me back to Bristol and to my true vocation of Psychiatry where I worked eventually as a Community Nursing Sister. My journey of realities, energy and learning was taking shape.

I learnt hypnotherapy and NLP and all sorts of weird and wonderful therapies! I was also searching for meaning. I embraced Buddhism, magic, astrology, and was taught for a while by a Celtic Priest. I was always aware of grounding myself in the real world which to me was magical enough!

Humour has always seen me through dark times!

I was eventually invited to the Amethyst Group in Devon where I had many years of learning in a group, which was way ahead of its time. We learnt through channelling from many wise Masters. One being a Buddhist Monk called Master Zenna. We learnt about peace, love, tolerance, light and understanding. No religion but pure wisdom. Now this felt right! I also learnt spiritual healing which I very carefully used in my work and with friends.

I worked in Swindon and then travelled extensively where I just happened to meet some wonderful teachers and Masters along the way. I learnt reflexology and sailed the seas!

My daughters were born and after sailing throughout pregnancy and during the first year of my daughter’s life I returned to Marlborough, single and ready for a new adventure!

In Marlborough, I met Jude Currivan and helped to set up The Marlborough Natural Health Centre. Where I became a therapist and learnt many aspects of complementary therapy.

I had learned Reiki with Adrian Brown in Stroud and was taken by the power in my hands and the way that I was attuned. It seemed right to me! I learnt Reiki 2 with Geoff Brookes who was inspirational!
My Reiki 3 teaching was with Tim Bousfield who was a Native American Shaman and helped to guide me when my first Reiki course beckoned.

I had arranged to teach Reiki through Swindon College at the Marlborough Natural Health Centre. The teacher we had lined up couldn’t come! I was literally pushed onto the stage, terrified! ‘You have to be a guru to teach Reiki’ I was screaming! I have small children and I drink wine! And I am normal!!!!

The shove came and I overcame my panic attacks at public speaking and found what I was meant to be doing! Teaching Reiki. Since 1999 I have developed the courses but still create a place of support, love and laughter! The courses have become empowering, even to the cynics who have taken love and wisdom away with them. I have been teaching regularly since then at least every month and there is not room enough here to express my open-hearted gratitude at the joy it has given me! The lovely people from all walks of life who have trusted me to attune them and have shared their joys and fears, have been and still are amazing.

One day I will write the book I have been promising to write “That’ll be the Reiki”.

We have had tears and laughter and joy and lots of Reiki babies born! We have created courses like Trans Reiki, combining Reiki with powerful visualisation and Reiki Timelines, to go back to the past and forward to the future to create our own reality! I have taught Many Reiki Teachers who are sharing the light and many who are now in different countries.

Our courses are now including Karuna which gives explicit tools for change on the emotional level.

I have learned Jikkiden Reiki with Frank Arjava Petter (1& 2). This is because there seemed to be a trend towards learning this original Reiki as taught in the 1920’s by Dr. Usui & passed down the family lineage. (Dr. Usui only taught for approximately 4 years) I wanted to experience any benefits to us in the west & while it was wonderful to meet Arjava, I confidently feel that our Western Reiki with our emotional, spiritual & physical awareness is excellent and more than enough for us to connect to the source, heal, balance & empower ourselves so that we can share it with others.

All our Reiki Healers, no matter what level, become part of our Reiki family and I am proud of what we all achieve together.

We have regular Reiki shares and drop in healing too.

As a therapist, I give counselling sessions and somehow manage to give people Reiki sessions! Show me someone who is depressed and anxious and it won’t be long until they receive Reiki, learn Reiki and hey presto!

I have been able to set up The Wellbeing Clinic in Marlborough and work as a Therapist here alongside some truly wonderful therapists and friends.
I also offer Mentoring Sessions for Reiki Healers who want to discuss cases.

This runs alongside, counselling, reflexology, cranial sacral reflexology, Theta Healing, hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing, trans Reiki, Indian Head Massage, NLP and Rejuvance.

There is no problem too large or too small that cannot be helped with the open-hearted love and compassion that Reiki brings.

P.S. Yes, I have done a lot but I am very old!!!!!

The Reiki keeps me youthful!